Ban guidelines

Please watch this video to understand how now to get banned.


Please watch this video to know how to get un-banned.


Whatsapp is an amazing tool for marketing, sales and operations. However, it was never designed for mass marketing, whatsapp blast etc. WhatsApp knows that it's uncommon to send so many messages to people you have never talked to before so it is considered as spam/marketing junk pretty fast.

Kindly follow these guidelines and on precautions to take when sending messages to large number of people.

  1. Do not use a brand new number to send automated messages. Whatsapp monitors usage history. You must use the number for sending as well as receiving a large number of messages manually before you use it for automation. Also ensure to have a person's profile picture in settings to prevent being marked as a bot/spammer.

  2. Two way communication is a must. You must also reply to messages received on the whatsapp number to establish 2 way communication. If there is too much of one sided communication the number is more likely to be blocked.

  3. Send engaging content. Do NOT send messages which get you a report. As long as you don't getting reports from users who you sent message to, your account will be mostly fine. Also include the person's first name in the message to make it personal.

    No one wants to read messages that are always selling something. Educate people about your products\services, send them relevant news, tips, tricks, how to's that will be useful for them. You can always send a special offer in between value added messages. This way people will be more receptive to your messages.

  4. Ensure proper frequency: Do not send same type of messages too frequently. People are more likely to block you if they get irritated due to frequency of messages from your side. It's really bad if you send messages 24/7 without giving it some time to wait.

  5. Don't be Greedy, ramp up slowly . Even if you have a big list, do not try to send all 10000 messages in one day. Either use multiple numbers or spread them across different days. Slowly increase the number of messages that you send. For example, test with 300 per day for 3 days before you make it 600, then another 3 days before trying 1000.

  6. Do not use purchased phone lists. Sending bulk messages to unknown people is the surest way to get yourself banned as they are most likely to block you / report spam. For everyone new person you send a message to is being asked if it's spam. Being tagged as spam a few times (5 - 10) will definitely get you banned.

  7. Don't force people to see your messages - get them to opt in. Best way to avoid getting blocked is to ask permission from people to let you send messages to them. If your content is clearly spam, it doesn't matter if you are using a broadcast list, group or direct contact, you will still be banned.

  8. Provide a link to help them unsubscribe at any time. People are less likely to block you if you provide a Whatsapp Response Link to help them unsubscribe from your posts. You can use my free Whatsapp Mobile Link Generator Tool, Click Here to download the same.

  9. USE WHATSAPP BUSINESS: Please use Whatsapp Business App so that in case it gets banned you can always switch to regular Whatsapp immediately.

  10. SHIT ! My number just got BANNED , what now ? You can't learn to swim if you are afraid to get wet. You may get blocked no matter how careful you are. Whatsapp uses automated algorithms detailed in the PDF document below and they can ban you by mistake.

However, the GOOD News is that you can get unbanned easily, just follow the instructions given in the video above. We have seen people getting unbanned in just a few hours. However, there are also those who don't take the above precautions and get banned for a few months.

Please log a support ticket at for support in case your number get's banned.

  1. CULTIVATE MULTIPLE NUMBERS: If you want to use this effectively it's best to start cultivating multiple numbers so that you can reach out to more people and also in case one number gets banned you have a backup number.